Friday, November 20, 2009


I have been pretty busy for a couple days now. I am making Flip Flop Wine Glass Coasters for people for Christmas. The only problem is... I don't really know these people. They are Kameron's (my boyfriend) family and I have only met them a couple times in the last three years. At first I felt overwhelmed. How could I possibly make these for people I don't know and still incorporate their interests into the coasters. It's pretty hard.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a TON of charms. I have all different knds. Some glass beads, some flowers, some flip flops, and other random things. I got so excited about these new charms that I couldn't wait to let my imagination go and be inspired and just do some new things. So thats what I've done. Currently, I have 11 pairs of coasters. But I have a lot more to go. I am so excited to share these with everyone because they are ideas that I've had in my head and they are just pouring out of me. I hope you all enjoy this picture and the others that will soon follow. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Ever!

Hello! I have never posted a blog before so lets see how this goes! I have started this blog because I would like to reach as many people as possible and share my crafts and the adventures I go through while I am making them. I dont know if everyone would call them adventures, but I would. I have been crocheting for about 10 years. I started off doing only afghans. I say that like it was easy. They would take me months to complete. But, I think I have done about 10 of them, so thats quite a few in my opinion.

I didn't have any plans for spring break my freshman year of college, so I decided to go visit my Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma had told me that my childhood babysitter had cancer, and she had learned how to make hats on a loom. Carol (my former babysitter) had made about 800 hats at the time, and she was giving them to cancer patients. Grandma and I went to Carol's house and she taught us how to make those hats. Grandma and I left there, and went to WalMart, bought yarn, and went home and started making them right away. I think we made about 5 hats in one day. We took them to Carol to give them to cancer patients. This was the beginning of my love of making hats.

I continued to make hats on a loom for almost a year and a half. But I wanted to do something more. So I looked up a pattern for a beanie, read it quite a few times, and then started crocheting. It was exactly what I wanted, and on the first try! So now I'm crocheting hats, and scarves and many other things. So this has been my journey so far. I wanted everyone to be able to start from the beginning, and now we can all continue on together.